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Klenspop Review - BUNNY 3COLOR GREEN

Hello there ! :)

We can never appreciate what us in myself like it, and usually most of us sees in himself the same disadvantages. Therefore, today we will talk about the changes. Changes are good, but not always. We need try to love our body and our look to be the happiest persons !

The idea came a year ago when in the Internet flashed me some infos about colored lenses. And so it began. I looked for them in my town stores stationary but never dared to buy. My eyes are naturally the color of beer, entering a darker brown, which makes it difficult to fit me any color.

When the Klenspop gave me the chance to test firsthand the lenses was very happy.
I always dreamed of even a small change. Klenspop in its range has a lenses and accessories associated with them. Everything goes to us from Korea. Packaging, came to me in a few of working days, but my euphoria greatly increased when unpacked a package (which was a solid package). Not to mention the lovely print on the packaging in the style of pin-up :)

The color of my lens is BUNNY 3COLOR GREEN, coupled with my color increased my eye and it does not look caricatured.
  • comfortable,
  • not badly affect on our eyes,
  • the color is natural,
  • their service life is 6 months,
  • with them we get a cute packaging and liquid,
  • price $ 7.20cheap 
  • shipping cost

As I mentioned earlier I never had the lenses on myself, but the whole procedure for removing and installing does not look as bad as that from the perspective as of the other person looks. Lenses today wore more than 4 hours. However, my eyes do not feel either tired or do not look swollen. Best of all, we do not feel the difference, or the fact that we have them on yourself!

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